Truck wash bay

DDS-002 Truck Wash

 DDS 002 Truck Wash is a non-hazardous, non-caustic, biodegradable degreaser detergent. It is safe on all painted and unpainted surfaces. It is specifically formulated for use in pressure washers and automatic drive through truck washes.  

Advantage Citric Acid Brightener


Advantage Citric Acid Brightener is a revlutionary blend of citric acid, surfactants and solvents. It cleans and brightens aluminum as well as removes road film on heavy transport vehicles. This unique blend achieves a cleaning equaling other acid detergents without the toxic and safety concerns associated with hydrofluoric acid. Advantage Citric Acid Brightner is an excellent choice for a multi step wash system.

Auto Super Bright

 Auto Super Bright is a specially engineered blend of carnauba and silicone formulated to meet today's sophisticated automotive finishes. This unique blend does and outstanding job on clear coats as well as modern acrylics and enamels to restore that factory-new appearance to modern finishes. Super Auto Bright is safe on all painted surfaces, glass, vinyl, rubber and metal surfaces. 

X-444 Ashalt Release Agent

 X-444 Ashalt Release Agent is one of the highest quality asphalt release agents available on today's market. Its advanced formula is designed to prevent tar and asphalt from adhering to asphalt truck beds or equipment. It is also a good Tar and Asphalt Remover. 

Super "D" Odor Eliminator

 Super "D" Odor Eliminator is a non-toxic, biodegradable product. It is designed to kill odors rather than masking them. It will not kill algae or bacteria. It is compatible with all waste treatment chemicals and will not change their properties.

Spontaneous Emulsifier

 Spontaneous Emulsifier is a very strong caustic degreaser soap made for the toughest grime and grease removal. It is normally used as a presoak chemical applied with a low pressure sprayer. It can also be used as a concrete floor cleaner in automatic floor scrubbers for large warehouse floors.

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DDS Formula-20 Degreaser Soap


DDS Formula-20 Degreaser Soap is a nonhzardous biodegradeble product. It is specially formulated for use in high pressure washers and automatic drive through truck washes. It is great for cleaning trucks, trailers, cars, and construction equipment. This product has no caustic soda in its formulation that causes paint to dull after repeated usage.

Aerosols, etc.

We provide all of your aerosol needs for your automotive, industrial, janitorial, safety, transportation, grounds, and food service needs. We also provide solvents, hand cleaners, and most any industrial chemical cleaner you might need. Please contact us for more details. 

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